It’s not hard to find people defending Putin’s actions in Ukraine, especially people on the conservative end of the spectrum. It’s absolutely bizarre, too, because they’re usually the same people crying about Benghazi and other similar shit basically non-stop. It’s really just out of spite of the left, I think. It seems to be a more common motivation for the right these days, being contrarian just to contrarian. It’s really goddamn moronic, and yet another reason I can’t respect individuals leaning so far past right. It’s just absolute lunacy, really. I can’t respect it, nor do I think anyone should be forced to tolerate it. I mean, come the fuck on. “Because you don’t like it” does not register as a valid reason to take a position on something. Grow the fuck up, seriously. I don’t know if you fucking infants realize it, but that’s something spiteful teenagers say to parents, that’s not something you boomer shitheads need to adopt as a political identity, for fuck sakes.

Alright, I think that’s my rant for the week.