If you haven’t seen it yet, Jack Dorsey went ahead and is shooting to start Twitter 2.0 which he has named “Blue Sky”. Apparently he’s outright ripping off the overall federation concept from email, XMPP, and obviously Mastodon. I think where Mastodon has succeeded has been in creating a fully federated echo chamber. Yes, you too can now participate in a heterogeneous echo chamber where you post something you believe in and it is showered in the likes and replies of hundreds of individuals who concur! It’s wild how they’ve achieved this under federation, but it looks like the hat tip is to Google for how completely Google has wrought havoc on the email system.

If Google blackholes you, you might as well not even exist as a human being. I’ve noticed this from having a non-Google personal email address that I use for every purpose online. I’ve contacted at least three companies’ support lines on their service not accepting my email.

I really don’t see Blue Sky taking off. There’s nothing new about it. It might have a snowball’s chance in hell if it’s even remotely interoperable with Mastodon. Otherwise- Jack might as well throw the towel in now. He’s not going to win the war. Twitter isn’t winning necessarily, neither is Mastodon. I don’t use either, anyways. I’ll stick to my personal blog, thanks. No one censors me here.