Since DA Alvin Bragg has brought out 34 charges that should’ve been addressed years ago, the GOP has gone hard with its campaign to gaslight the country into thinking that white collar crime is somehow less egregious because it’s non-violent. Theft of parked cars is also non-violent, do we let those slide as well?

I honestly can’t fucking believe these morons. Seriously. Is anyone buying this shit? Donald Trump has been indicted. Great. Where do we go from here as a country? We’ve been soiled by billionaires, seemingly almost beyond repair. We have people who made themselves scions of business by employing underpaid and underrepresented workers, exploiting fellow US citizens, then dying and leaving billions in trusts to their kids. Meanwhile this trust is untaxed, and we have people starving in the streets. It’s disgusting. It’s despicable. It’s a Republican utopia.

The best thing to happen of late has absolutely been the pushback on abortion. I love seeing Republicans lose elections because they’re hard on abortion. I really hope that trend continues. I hope the Republicans don’t adapt, I hope they don’t overcome, I hope they suffer tremendously from the results of their own actions. Fuck those people, seriously.