It looks like there’s a weird job offer on the table. Not sure how to regard it, but I’ll certainly hear them out to see what compensation would look like. At this point I’ve only been here for seven years because I haven’t had any compelling competing offers thrown at me. I’m not the moron to say something like “I would never betray my employer”. That’s purely idiotic. I’m always open to better offers. Always. It just happens that I got quite a break. Now that it feels like my career has sort of stalled, I think it might be the opportunity I need to further my career in ways I hadn’t anticipated. But, we’ll see. I’m just as skeptical as I am optimistic, perhaps more so. I suppose I’ll meet with a higher up soon, but I’m also going to be direct and honest. We’ll see.

It’s Friday, though. It’s one of the best days of the week. It marks the end of the pain of work for the week. No wonder trust fund kids live eighty years. They never have to deal with the stress of engaging in a career just to maintain a certain quality of life. Not to say I’m jealous, but I certainly do wish they’d contribute something as far as taxes so that I don’t have to contribute more than my fair share, which all of us in the middle class currently are expected to do.

Class consciousness is critical, kids. Make yourselves aware. Learn. Think. Act.