I wish I had more capability to write anything outside of “stream of consciousness”. It’s an irritating limitation. I can’t do “deep dives” into anything, really. I can’t be bothered to focus my attention for longer than three minutes on any given subject or task. It’s incredibly deleterious to accomplishing anything, really. Attentiveness feels like torture to my attention-depleted brain. Well, I guess that’s all the time I have to dedicate to that subject. Upward and onward.

Fuck Russia. Fuck Russia so completely, and fuck China, too. China has always sucked. The only thing China has been good for is the video footage documenting their total lack of labor laws and complete disregard for human safety in factories. China is the biggest exporter of videos depicting people being crushed in hydraulic presses. They’re an excellent example of the failures of communism, or rather, how the elite can destroy communism so entirely. And that’s exactly what the elite have always done. They’ve destroyed capitalism, communism, socialism. The elite ride on crestfallen waves of human misery. They’re the source of most human ills, as they’re wholly insatiable and will not stop until they’ve amassed thousands of years of generational wealth. Even then it’s unlikely they’ll stop of their own accord. It’s time we stopped them, really. The world was built upon our backs, not theirs. Our hands have assembled this world in which we exist and by our hands shall they be strangled. They’re the enemy, always. No matter how much money they offer us, we should resist, and instead pry it from their cold dead hands.

Musk worshippers, Bezos fans, you’re subhuman at best. You’re worse than the elite, you’re class traitors. Class consciousness is the first step to recovery. Recognize that if you weren’t born into a family of billionaires, you do not fit in with billionaires. If you struggle to understand this, you really don’t have much to worry about, as you’ll never be smart or savvy enough to amass anything outside of a half a million dollars your entire lifetime anyways.

Work is really straining my brain lately. I’m struggling through some pretty heady concepts, and I think it’s time to start diagramming stuff to save my brain.

I swear, it seems like the more I learn the less I know.