I fucking love weekends. I never work them, and I typically need the two days of rest in order to recuperate from the insanity of the work week. It’s not just insane during work, but I have kids. They have stuff they do after school. It’s tough to be a parent these days. Back in the 90’s kids didn’t do shit. We were kicked out the front door and told to be home in time for dinner and that was pretty much it. No sports, no dancing or music, just boot us and that’s it. 90’s parents had a pretty sweet setup. Seems like they bitched a lot, though, when they comparatively had it much easier.

I keep thinking about 2024, and the stakes sitting in front of us. It feels like Trump is being used as a pawn, like they’re dangling him in front of us as a threat. The democrats really are living up to the whole “do-nothing democrats” moniker assigned them. I’d like to see an indictment soon to prevent Trump from running again, really. Will I get it? Probably not. The odds aren’t looking great, and a huge part of the problem stems from the fact that “being a billionaire” is not partisan. Billionaires get all the access to politicians and all the access to justices and lawyers. They move through the legal system as if it were their own personal army, because it essentially is. They get to move government agents like chess pieces using financial might. It’s really pathetic, to be honest, but it’s true. It’s also the reason I don’t think we’ll ever see an indictment for Donald Trump. He has lubricated the right judges and politicians, and in so doing has gained true immunity against all who would see him sentenced for his very palpable and provable crimes. Evidence is out there, if justice were truly impartial he’d have been hung for treason- but the sad reality is that the justice system is built solely to enforce the whims of the billionaire few on the many impoverished. This is reality. This is the truth. This is how things are. You can’t disprove it because it’s factually accurate in all cases.

Fuck. I’m gonna have to cut this short, I need another energy drink.