I restarted an anxiety medication and I always feel a weird buzz in my brain for the first half hour after it kicks in. I’m not fond of the feeling it produces, but it seems to help quite a bit after the initial buzzing wears off. Has anyone else experienced that with Buspar, I wonder? I’m sure they have. I highly doubt I’m the only person prescribed it that would feel at least some side effect. Seems like we’re a society of side effects these days. Side effects from chemicals released into the environment from manufacture, side effects from prescriptions, and side effects from poor life choices. We’re a veritable cornucopia of aberration. Most of us, anyways. There are a few of us who are actively trying to dodge the pitfalls of an industrial society, but not many. Certainly not enough to count for much.

I think I’m really disenfranchised with work at the moment. I have a ton of projects to work on and I really can’t find the motivation to grind. The lack of overtime pay coupled with the shift in corporate culture is really annoying, especially coupled with the fact that we have a number of holdouts really trying to keep the previous culture alive and well. They’re not succeeding, and if anything, they’re just contributing to the frustratingly lacking conversion to “the global corporate entity”. You can’t be half-in/half-out when it comes to this, you either go with the flow or you throw a wrench in the works. People are really dropping wrenches like nothing else. It’s painful. Especially when you’re working with them.

I get it though. We used to be more efficient. We could just take the reigns in any situation and get it all done. We’re not granted that anymore, we have to utilize the various organs of the company to get things done, and it can definitely add time to every activity. It sucks, I get it. I dunno. I certainly don’t have all the answers.

Well, I think that’ll suffice for a rant today.