On the offhand chance you haven’t seen the latest egregious moral assault on freedom by Republicans, they’re grabbing attempting to power-grab at the private medical data of women in Virginia in order to force births upon women. This should chill you to the bone, and if it doesn’t, you honestly are the problem with humanity. The amount of disgust I feel right now is immense. Especially with these self-righteous twatbags constantly crying about the constitution as if they were even remotely aware of its contents. This is my line in the sand. This is where I’ll viciously correct you publicly and do the best I can to humiliate you into reason. This shall not stand, and I vehemently oppose it. The GOP has absolutely gutted women’s healthcare and they’re not stopping, they’re going to continue pushing until we’re actually living out The Handmaid’s Tale as if it were an instruction guide rather than a terrifying work of fiction. This is real, folks. This is happening right now. Stop using TikTok. Drop Google. Drop Microsoft. Drop every company that treats your data like shit, because they’re giving it to the government and the government is clearly not your friend. The government has never been your friend, and it never will be, even if your “chosen candidates” are in office. As citizens, it’s our civic duty to play corporations and the government against each other. It is our patriotic duty to ensure that corporations never have too much power, and the government never has too much power. We’re somehow failing horribly on both fronts, and it’s time we corrected that. We need to wrest our country from the hands of those who would destroy it with accretion of power. We still do have power. The GOP is making power plays, and the democrats are pathetically helpless. Vote democrat. Vote straight blue ticket. Once we have another federal precedent to protect abortion access, then you can vote Libertarian or Republican or Independent. Once things are fixed you should vote all over the place. Don’t support a single party like a cult, even if you consider yourself a democrat. Don’t do it, because you’ll regret it. The party likely is just a “this one currently fits best” type deal, I guarantee you don’t support everything they do. That said; divest. It is not in your interest to mindlessly follow anyone. Always follow your rationale, never follow the lies of the former lawyer force-feeding you bullshit, regardless of whether he’s in the party you’re registered to vote for.

Data privacy matters. We need to send a message, even if that message is voting with our wallets. Don’t buy Samsung. Don’t buy Microsoft. Don’t buy Apple, either. Especially dump Tesla. Send the message that we will not be the product any longer. We will not pay to be the product, either. It’s time to change advertising for the best. It’s time to gut the machine, to hit them where it hurts most, and destroy them.