It’s wild to me that a thirteen year old girl got knocked up two thousand years ago and the lie she told carries repercussions even today. Thanks to that little shithead we have morons screaming about homosexuality like it affects them personally. It’s absurd that in this day and age there’s still a culture war raging. The self-righteous side would gate-keep marriage from all but heterosexuals and diminish the voice of the gay community to but a whimper, should they win this war. The reality is that homosexuality predates religion, and certainly all current religions by a long shot. They know this. It’s in their bibles. But we aren’t describing a well-rounded or educated group, we’re describing fundamentalist sycophants eternally sucking up to their mute space ghost. A good number of these lunatics are convinced that Satan buried dinosaur bones to “confuse” humanity. They adhere vehemently to the “six thousand years” historical model, implying that space as we know it didn’t exist longer than six millennia.

Look, I’m really not the guy to look to for acceptance or equity. I’m really not. I’m not a social butterfly. I don’t have deep rooted concerns for my fellow man, not like a lot of other people do. I just largely want to be left alone. In turn, I leave others alone. It feels like a workable truce. If even I can do it, I feel like others can as well. Just let people be. Them existing isn’t impeding on your rights. They existed before you and I promise they’ll outlast you, too. So long as humans exist there will be humans representing all walks of life. Just pull your head out of your ass, please. I’m tired of this culture war shit that’s doomed to fail.