I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or not for the last week or so. On the slight chance that may be the case, allow me to tell you that India’s wealthiest man is turning out to be just as much “call center scammer” as India’s poorest men. Pajeet done goofed. It’s a wild story to watch unfold, especially as this “Hindenburg Research” has viscerally ripped Adani a new asshole with an intense and damning report ranging from clear nepotism to blatant fraud. It’s a thing of glory, and I think HSBC and Goldman Sachs are reeling because these sorts of financial attacks could come for them next. Me, personally, I enjoy the bloodbath. I hope Hindenberg Research turns a pretty profit from shorting Adani companies. I hope the trend continues and the world of finance is rocked by these new types of hedge funds. They’re not necessarily new, per se, but this very public sort of attack is fairly new. Normally it’s some crackpot holding a sign that reads “The End is Near” and not a team of financial experts and researchers compiling a comprehensive dossier to release into the wild and wreak havoc.

This isn’t a “David and Goliath” story, this is more like watching Goliath have his shit jacked by his little brother. But right here and right now I’m calling it; I think Gautam Adani is going to use the remainder of his fortune to try and have the people at Hindenburg Research killed. I think the law should take notice right now, while everyone is presumably still alive. Adani isn’t going down without a fight, and clearly he’s more indian gangster than anything else. I think he’s going to strike back as hard as he can, if the gears in his head aren’t already turning I suspect they will be soon.

The strangest thing to me, is that HSBC and Goldman Sachs made public statements. Had they not made public statements, anyone could’ve assumed anything about their thoughts on the Adani scandals. I don’t really get why they would expose themselves that way. I guess we’ll see.