You’ll be pressed to find a more degenerate group than “The Furry Fandom”. The degeneracy is storied. They’ve been kicked out of so many convention centers for incredibly stupid yet valid reasons. One notable account of furries being absolute degenerates involves a group of them jerking off into a bong and then using it. Disgusting. Then, another instance of furries that lead to them being banned from a hotel convention center revolved around a pizza involved in a similar bukkake situation that was subsequently left in the hotel hallway for staff and other customers to witness. Vomit. That, combined with the diaper fetish crossover, has ultimately narrowed how many locations furry conventions can be hosted at. They really are subhumans, in all honesty, and it makes me wonder why. I don’t want to blame autism, because I think people with autism would have more decency and self respect than these degenerates, though admittedly I’m pretty sure many furries either identify as or were diagnosed autistic. Furries do autism an enormous disservice.

The sad reality is that these degenerates are a “protected class” on I’ve had numerous toots deleted because they were overtly critical of furries, comparing their social circles to gangstalking and pro-anorexia groups, because degeneracy and mental illness are what they are. Furries are just another flavor of mental instability, but to an extreme.

As yet I haven’t found a platform that’s worthy of my short-form thoughts. I might end up hosting my own pleroma instance, I’m not sure yet. If I do, it’ll be closed registration and only allowing a few individuals. I don’t know yet, though. And, sadly enough, due to the spineless nature of “the fediverse”; any instance I create is sure to be “suspended” nearly immediately by the cowards running Mastodon and other “popular” instances.

You might be wondering, why would I call the people that are de-federating cowards? Well, they’re clearly not there to appease advertisers. They’re independent, so they’re not beholden to advertising dollars like twitter and other mainstream services are. So, of course the litmus for free speech will be the instance that operates without external pressures. As such, that will be every instance defederated from the weaklings in the mainstream “fediverse”.

It’s funny, the more I think about it the sadder it gets. Imagine if early email providers were as petty as “fediverse” administrators. I don’t think the internet would’ve gained as much popularity as it had.

I guess I’ll leave this post on that note. Thanks for nothing, Mastodon. 🖕