It feels like I’m criss-crossing the map these days. The travel is never ending. It’s eternal, it seems. I can’t avoid a minimum of an hour travel, and in most cases it seems like two and a half to four and a half are my ranges. It’s kind of annoying, if I’m being honest. It throws a wrench in my ability to exist in my life comfortably, because everything just stops due to my not being present in my own life.

It sucks because I know the travel is a chunk of why the job is lucrative. I could get a job that’s entirely local, but it’ll also be entirely undercutting my worth as a professional. That’s the truth, and I hate it. If I felt like I needed to stay at home at any point in my career, I’d be forced to take a pay cut. I really don’t want to take a pay cut. It’s just such a shitty crossroads to be at. I’m not a fan.

I keep feeling the itch to buy another keyboard. I really don’t need another keyboard. I have two excellent keyboards. I have the Corsair K100 at work, and at home I’m banging text out on the Nuphy Air75. It’s a fucking excellent keyboard, even better than my Corsair. The Corsair really is excellent, though. I’m just so fascinated by Keychron’s QMK offerings, and I really want one. It’s just dumb. It’s really dumb because I don’t need the goddamn thing. It’s just a salacious want. Not a need. Maybe not even a desire, just a fucking nuisance. It’s killing me. I’d even feel guilty shelving either the Corsair or the Nuphy at all, because they’re both excellent keyboards. Each has it’s own unique advantages.

Fuck, I’m rambling again. Also, one of my favorite keyboards is on my 14-inch Macbook Pro M1 Max. Like, how fucking awesome is that? It’s fucking awesome. It’s not the butterfly keyboard they got sued over. It’s actually a pretty solid keyboard. I quite like banging out blog posts on it. I guess, technically, this keyboard is really my daily driver. It’s the one I’m typing on most, because I don’t use the keyboard attached to my Mac Mini very frequently, if at all. I mostly remote into it via ssh.

Alright, I think I’m gonna cut it off here.