I got barely three sentences into this post before I started to really loathe it. I didn’t just hate it, I wanted to take a flamethrower to those three sentences and turn them to ash. I wanted to remove the words involved from the dictionary. I wanted to expunge those three sentences from the entirety of human consciousness.

I’m simply not that powerful, and I suppose I’m being hyperbolic again. But it’s a good point. Take the point, at least. I began rewriting this post because the direction it originally began to head was so outside the tracks that it was basically Thomas the Train off-roading.

I don’t know what I really had in mind when I banged this title out, so I guess I’ll just pretend I’m writing without a title again. It’s alright, far from the first time.

If you’re looking for something new, I highly recommend basically any other page on the internet.

I’m still bummed that my Pax 3 vape is lame. The actual design aesthetics are really decent. The charge method is relatively lame, but it seems to last through quite a few sessions before needing charged. The “straight through” tube design from oven to mouth piece is actually really clever, especially for dispelling those pesky mesh screens. My OG Jams has a mesh screen, you just can’t get at it without some sharp bent implement with which to fish it out. Changing the screen on that thing is basically a nightmarish exercise in futility. Definitely a design flaw, but I really don’t know how one would overcome that without compromising the otherwise stellar design of the vape. The thing cheefs like a champ and lasts through a good number of sessions, and really feels like it makes damn decent use of the dry flower inside. It also will do the damn thing, whether you’re in a group or alone. I’ve had people who do dabs all day say “Nah man, I’m too high. That last hit was my limit.” after just a couple hits of this thing. I really couldn’t sing it’s praises enough, except for that damn mesh screen. And, honestly, cleaning the device is mucho important to it’s functionality. I’ve noticed that if I go too long in between cleanings, it actually performs half as well as when it’s freshly scrubbed. I typically just use the purest isopropyl I can find.

I don’t honestly know. The Pax thing, as I said, is driving me nuts. I wanted it to be as good as it seemed like it should’ve been. It’s just such an intense and weird meta sort of let down. Makes me sad. And, really, I love having multiple devices. Clinging to one is a great way to sabotage yourself. You’re basically introducing a central point of failure to your own contentment. I say some silly shit when I’m stoned. Anyways. I need some food, and I need to see if I can figure out this Pax thing. LOL.