I really can’t stand the state of Indiana. I just hate everything about it. I hate the people. I hate the laws. I hate the things hoosiers love. I hate the fact that Indiana has a personal vendetta against people who enjoy cold beer or literally any other alcohol. Hell, weed is still very much illegal in Indiana, and I’m sure a lot of the reason for this stems from the fact that Indiana’s miserable ass is still churning and burning fentanyl deaths like it’s going out of style. It’s not an epidemic out there, it’s a fucking way of life. I guess I can understand it, though. I’d probably kill myself with fentanyl if I were permanently physically trapped in such a miserably shitty state.

It was only in the last few years that Indiana, as a state, legalized Sunday alcohol sales. How fucking ridiculous is that? Michigan changed that moronic bullshit law over two decades ago. It should’ve been longer, to be quite honest.

The sheer number of religious bullshit billboards and churches you see in the state of Indiana betrays just how poor the majority of hoosiers are, as well as the number of completely uneducated or possibly even illiterate citizens. I just have nothing really good to say about Indiana, except from the joyous notion that I don’t live there and never will for any reason.

I do, however, have to go there for business. It’s not great. It’s a persistent reminder of how wonderful my home is. It’s also incredibly difficult to spend a week in a hotel in a hostile state where you have to contend with cult members and crackheads at every turn. Fuck. My. Life.

I miss my family when I get stuck doing these trips. I really miss them a lot. It makes me want to figure out a different direction for my career, in all honesty. I don’t know what that direction might be, but it feels like any direction is sufficient if it keeps me home. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

Man, driving to Indiana is all the more painful because I can’t live without some form of THC to put me out at night. I don’t sleep at all without it, and even with it I have difficulty. Albeit far less difficulty, especially considering how potent a sleep aid it really is. Somnolence is absolutely one of the biggest side effects, even if it can sometimes induce a little “buzz” feeling like a small burst of energy. That burst of energy can easily be subdued by a sufficiently fluffy couch or a few blankets. Traveling to the hostile environs of Indiana necessitates some covert stashing. Either relying solely on vape carts or edibles.

Now, I’ve seen semi-viable product in the wild in Indiana, thanks to the hemp farm bill that essentially legalized certain product coming from industrial hemp. You can, with a good eye, spot vendors of Delta-8 and possibly even THC-O, but certainly HHC. The flower is outright trash, I wouldn’t buy that. It’s only a belt notch away from basically K2, maybe with slightly more accountability but not really. I have no idea what plant material they “induce” with Delta-8 or whatever other distillates they’re working with, but I can’t imagine the base plant material is less carcinogenic than actual cannabis flower. It’s likely to be some expired aromatic plant material. God knows. Don’t do it, just buy weed from a dealer who made the haul from a state that isn’t Hell. The edibles are expensive as fuck, however. The potency can be reasonable, but you’re going to pay out the ass for inferior product. In Michigan you can get damn decent potent THC edibles for five dollars. In Indiana you can count on spending $35 for half the amount. Why? Because the culty religious rednecks in the area love their fentanyl so much that they can’t have alcohol or weed competing for business. Man, fuck those people. Fuck them so completely.

Alright, I think I’m done. LOL.