Bank of America is apparently experiencing issues and people are reporting thousands of dollars missing from their accounts, while customer service lines are inundated with calls and are totally unreachable. I’m sure there are theories out there ranging from this being a natural result of the Gamestop shorts to potentially being hacked by Russia or China. Right now we have very little data to go on other than “Bank of America done messed up real bad”. Now, I’m not one to advocate for a run on banks, especially considering that advocating such things may be highly illegal. But what I can tell you is that there is no good reason to leave your money with this clearly inept company. If you believe their security will improve as a result of this event, you’re a fucking moron. Period. Statistically, having opened this can of worms already means Bank of America will do this again. It’s 100% guaranteed to happen again to everyone who remains a customer. Get out. Get the fuck out. Run as fast as you can, this level of incompetence is not something you want to be involved in, let alone when your livelihood is at stake.

I have no idea what happened at Bank of America. I’m not a reporter. I’m just some random asshole blogger on the internet. But I sure can’t wait to post more about this. I’m not a fan of banking or institutions involved in it. One thing I do know is that Bank of America will never regain the trust of those they’ve robbed. You absolutely should not trust this bank with your income. Not at all, not for any reason, not ever again.