Man, we’ve been watching a ton of 90 Day Fiance, and I have to say; Ed Brown, the guy that’s three and a half feet tall and fat without a neck, is a toxic piece of trash that has borderline personality disorder. It’s insane to see this short little turd of a person try and gaslight everyone who responds negatively to his toxic behavior. It’s insane. It’s not even enough for him to keep his toxicity in his own relationship with Liz, this little shit interjects in the stories of all the other couples with his toxic bullshit. It’s insane. I’m 100% certain the producers of the show know Ed Brown has borderline personality disorder, and that’s why they try to keep him in play as much as they do. Those borderlines stir shit like a Kitchenaid. No-neck Ed is no exception to this rule, and he stirs shit like no other.

One thing is for sure, that midget fucking loves the attention. Oh my god Ed is talking again and he needs to shut the fuck up. Ed is commenting on Indian culture and has zero understanding of Indian culture and his short moron ass needs to clam up, because the bullshit falling out of his face is meaningless to everyone.

We’ve also been watching a ton of this shit about the Amish. It’s insane that the Amish are able to perpetuate in the numbers they do, because they really disable their children. The “education” they put their kids through is 100% worthless and is not capable of ushering a human being into the real world. The pretend world of the “Amish lifestyle” is entirely a bubble and not real life. It’s knowingly choosing to insert your head in the sand. So during Rumspringa they send their children out into a world that these children could never have conceived of. So, of course, when the world chews them up and spits them out the “familiarity of the Amish lifestyle” is always there to welcome them back with open arms. It’s really unfortunate to see it happen time and time again with these kids on “Breaking Amish”. The ones who end up staying out normally only remain “English” because they have no one to go back to in the Amish world. It’s unfortunate.

I wouldn’t mind, one day, hosting a refuge for kids to escape the Amish lifestyle and be prepared for a real life outside the brainwashing cult.