Apparently friends of James Rayl have some news to share. I cannot possibly fathom what news could be coming down regarding an already settled and clear-cut self defense case such as this. James Rayl has already been exposed as a threat. It’s already well documented that his ex’s father was merely responding to the threat he presented. There’s nothing more to this case, and the man is dead. Give it up already, Jesus fucking Christ. What more could possibly be said? He was mentally ill and obsessed, tried breaking into a private residence where he wasn’t welcome, breaking a court order restraining him from the property and people in question, where he was subsequently shot to death while attempting to break in as caught on video. It doesn’t get any clearer than that, and Rayl got what he deserved. Fuck off with your feelings that don’t matter, your son/brother/whatever he was to you is dead because he was a mentally ill and deeply disturbed loser. 100% deserved what came to him. Just drop it. Jesus.