I don’t know what it is, really. It’s true, though. No matter how you lean politically, or what you believe in, your education background- It’s universally true without regard to the audience in question. Journalism right now is the worst it’s ever been, objectively. It’s just absurd these days how far everyone leans politically, how everyone demands they have a voice that’s heard, and how absolutely goddamn stuck up everyone is. There are no risk takers anymore. No one dare question the status quo. Everyone just kowtows to the drum beat of their preferred drummer, but relentlessly and blindly following regardless. No one is original anymore. No one has a fucking original thought in their goddamn minds. It’s just absolutely absurd.

The sad reality is that capitalism is destroying journalism. There once were checks on monopolies. At one time you would see articles about enormous entities being split in halves or thirds, or even into more individual units than that. At one time the government could be fucking bothered to take the reigns and fix capitalism by slicing up gigantic monopolies into smaller component entities. Now we literally have a handful of corporations literally calling the shots the world over, and it’s so absolutely transparent that this is the case given how hesitant the system is to fall. The Fed is raising rates like it’s going out of style and it can’t fucking stifle this beast of an economy, because there are literally so few players and such large entities involved. I shudder to think how bad the recession will be when it finally does hit, I imagine it’ll be the most chaos humanity has seen in at least three millennia.

It’s getting there that’ll require something massive to trigger. The giant is so large that he literally cannot fall. Which means that when he does fall, the trigger itself would have been cataclysmic. Things are out of control.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds.