Man, I’ve been on a bender with reality TV lately. It’s really weird. I noticed that time doesn’t fly the same while watching reality TV as it does if I were to sit around on No Man’s Sky with the Steam Deck. It’s weird. I think it’s because I’m only partially engaged with it. I’m half into it and half into whatever the hell is on my phone, typically, or maybe my laptop.

I’m not normally held captive by TV, unless it’s an action movie. Or really any movie that requires a little braining to figure out what’s going on.

I had to fix one of my Raspberry Pis. The boot partition got corrupted a bit. I probably should’ve fsck’d it, but I didn’t. I just added back the missing /boot files and pulled the trigger with a boot test. It wound up working. I ran the usual apt update && apt upgrade -y and the sumbitch did the thing. The fan went brrrr and so did the rest. Didn’t have to rebuild the goddamn thing a third time. Whew. Crisis narrowly averted. Though, admittedly, I did learn a lot rebuilding that system twice. It’s always good practice to repeat something, just to reinforce it. I learned a bit about the interplay of the various services it runs, as well as what’s required for large system updates.

This post has no cohesion. It’s not fluid, either. It’s an aggravatingly interrupted mess of rant. I need to read that book again. Rant is a decent fictional exploration of blunt-force trauma time travel. The characters played with and the themes dancing through the novel are expertly dressed in this screenplay-reading story. It’s cool as hell. There are slow parts, but really not that many. It’s fascinating that Palahniuk can weave a story as frenetic as Rant without it feeling like a jittering jumbled mess.

I could use some writing lessons. Maybe a class, I don’t know. I need to patch the framework of my ability to process language.

Man, I don’t know. I smoke a lot of weed. But I’ve smoked a lot of weed for years, it hasn’t changed anything. Not really. It helps me to get sleep, when otherwise I would be taking Ambien and sleep-driving, sleep-cooking, and sleep-bridge-jumping. I don’t believe anything is off limits when you’re unconscious and stumbling about on Ambien. It’s ludicrous.

These fucking Amish people, they’re insane. We’re looking, easily, at sub-80 IQ’s and these people trying to join a world they cannot even conceive of. We’re out here smashing atoms and these people are interpreting the bible literally. They supposedly complete an “Eighth grade” education, but clearly it’s not even remotely adequate for preparing a person for the “English” world. Who can deny the allure of technology? Any sufficiently advanced technology is indiscernible from magic, and we “English” have a shitload of that. Apparently the numbers of Amish approximately double every twenty years. Which is odd, because they do not use birth control. You’d think the unabashed fertilizing of wombs with absolute reckless abandon would yield more than a doubling in each generation. We’re easily talking five kids minimum, which you’d think at least entails four times growth. I don’t think it’s infant mortality chewing into the growth of the Amish. I think it’s entirely a matter of Rumspringa. Who the fuck would want to go back to the plow when they’ve driven themselves around in a fucking car? Seriously. This shit is insane.

I keep staring covetously at the Storz & Bickel Crafty+. I really don’t need another dry herb vape, but boy do I want that one. I don’t really know why, either. I guess because I feel like I need at least two good dry herb vapes. I don’t have two at the moment. I have one good one, the OG Jams. I think I have a shitty yocan dry herb vape, and then I have the lame ass Pax 3. I still have to call Pax and ask them what their suggestions are for making their product not suck. Seriously, I’ve used it a ton and it feels like I’ve just wasted weed in it. The OG Jams hits like a fucking champ, though. I feel like the Crafty+ is probably at least on par with or might even have bonus points over the OG Jams, but I need to buy the damn thing and give it a go before I can really determine that. Though I don’t really know how good it is personally, I’m sure it’ll at least be on par with the OG Jams. I really want it though, even though I don’t really need it.

I guess those are really the things rolling around in my head right now. Other than that it’s pretty empty. But you better bet I censor what I’ll write here, though. This blog won’t make anyone privy to all my thoughts, just a selection of them that’s sanitized somewhat for public consumption. Same as any rational man would do.

Alright, I’m out. Later.