We’re on the fourteenth vote now for speaker of the house, and Kevin McCarthy is a flea’s ass away from winning, but the opponents to his assuming the leadership role are staunchly opposed to him ascending to speaker of the house. They’re opposed for distinct reasons. Particularly because McCarthy is a centrist establishment Republican who vows to remove the extreme right jackasses from councils they’re currently sitting on. These extreme right morons include Boebert, Gaetz, Biggs, Bishop, and a handful of others I’ve never heard of.

As a person with no vested interest in extreme right bullshit, I’m enjoying watching the party dissolve into the chaotic mess of their own creation. These assholes played with fire by trying to entice the far right, and now the consequences of their actions are manifest in this emetic drama we’re witnessing at the moment. I’m glad that this is happening, because actions have consequences, and these are absolutely resultant consequences.

I hope the whole thing fucking collapses on them, the GOP deserves every minute of this multiple day misery they’re suffering.