I bought a Pax 3 some time ago, and by far it has been the worst performer that I’ve owned to date. So I figured I’d ping the company who makes it and let them weigh in on why this device is such an awful performer. But before I reached out to the Pax Support Team, I did go through all their support materials on the matter to try their recommended methods for getting decent performance out of this device.

So I initiated a support request, and this is what they responded with.


Yeah, I dunno. I really don’t know what to say to that. I guess I get it, every support request starts with “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” But I did respond to let them know I tried all of those things prior to contacting support, multiple times. I guess the real test will be to see how they respond to this further update, whether they honor their warranty or tell me to get bent, and whether the replacement device actually vapes or not.

I have no idea how this will go, but my hopes aren’t high, and at least I don’t rely on this thing as my daily driver. My OG Jams is my daily driver, and it’s a goddamn beast of a dry herb vape. It’s hands down my favorite device.

EDIT: I realize now that I oversold the OG Jams oven capacity by 2.5 grams. Oof. Not like fucking Pax would know, though. The OG Jams really does rip, and I stand behind that.

EDITED EDIT: Buhhhhh. Apparently I have to be condescended to in order to make my high tech vape work right.