Don’t get too excited, the title is just a word. It has nothing to do with the contents of this post whatsoever. I’m sitting here, not at home, but still quite comfortable in my mobile safe zone. I have a bag that I stuff all my earthly possessions into for traveling, and so I’m traveling with my loved ones a little for the holidays. Look at me, being intentionally vague for operational security. Ha.

Nonetheless, I have to say that the gear I’ve kitted out for travel is pretty awesome. I have a 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max. It’s a great laptop, the best I’ve ever owned and will ever own. I love it. It’s absolutely my favorite. Then, the runner up piece of gear happens to be the Steamdeck. Because it’s just goddamned awesome. You can’t get a better portable gaming device, this thing is literally the Nintendo Switch for adults. It’s great. It fully rounds out my mobile gear. Then, I’ve got my power bricks. My high wattage power brick is an Anker that can power the MacBook and the Steamdeck. It does a great job in it’s role, and it still keeps my phone topped up alongside, to boot. The Anker high wattage is a great little brick. I think mine is the 757 GaN. But then I also have my multi-port USB brick, for charging my other small accompaniments, such as my ear buds. My mobile setup makees travel incredibly easy no matter what we’re up to. Sometimes I don’t touch any of this kit, because we’re there for the destination itself or to socialize. Sometimes, on social trips, there’s a lot of downtime when it’s just you left to your own devices, and that’s really when the setup shines. It’s freaking great, really. The MacBook Pro has the best track pad I’ve ever used, and it doesn’t make me regret using it as a laptop without a mouse.

So here I sit, in another state, waiting for some social arrivals and posting to my blog to kill time until people get here. I’m just doing my thing until it’s time to do the other thing, and it’s really not a bad time at all. I’m happy. I’m staying warm in this horrendous cold. It’s a good time overall.

Well, I guess I’m gonna go do other shit for a bit. Later.