I think we already know this, but Rome is Burning. Mad props to Tiffany Cross, this segment is as funny as it is informative, but it highlights a rather serious problem that we’re currently watching expose itself in realtime. That problem is just how reliant the Justice System is on cronyism. It’s really unfortunate that American Freedoms exist only for those who can afford them. The bar for entry is intended to be US citizenship, but that simply isn’t so. If you’re an impoverished American, you might as well be Guatemalan or Chinese. The benefits of being American are not extended to you. You’re “on the outs” with what we know as “the American ideal”.

This has always been a point of contention, beginning as early as land owners being the only ones able to vote initially.

Can we indict Donald Trump yet, please? I really want to see the trial at least begin, because I know it’s going to be long and arduous.