First and foremost- Christmas is for children. The mascot is a white-haired fat man that looks like 90% of grandfathers, and he’s fucking magic and stupid and flies around the world making the children of wealthy families happy and occasionally throwing a bone to poor kids, but not as often as he should. Mostly the poor kids get fucked and hate Christmas along with me. It’s whatever.

That said, fuck Christmas. Simply having this single day where people are expected to not be cunts seems to be justification enough for some people to not be cunts once a year.

Anyways, that’s really all I have to say on that. Everyone else I’m sure can guess why Christmas is so fucking awful, and it’s largely a common sentiment. Most people put up with this bullshit solely for their children, so they get it, my posting here is incredibly redundant.

Man, have you seen Kevin O’Leary feebly try to defend FTX today? What a maroon. I can’t believe he’s doubling down on FTX not being a criminal enterprise. I guess I get it, he was pretty closely involved at some point. But dude, give it up, it was a ponzi scheme at best and a joke at worst. SBF is going to jail, and your image will forever be tarnished because you were totally taken for a sucker. So, Kevin O’Leary- please shut the fuck up, you fucking bald moron.

Alright, I think I’m gonna write a followup post later tonight. That’s all for now, kids.