It’s insane to me that we gave Putin one of his trash-ass lackeys in exchange for Brittney Griner, whose only crime was entering the fascist nation of Russia. It almost seems to me as though the exchange was explicitly designed to piss off Americans. It certainly has me riled up. I’d like to see Ukrainian forces overtake Moscow at this point, and hang that blustering asshole from the gallows.

I heard we wanted some CIA jackass back. Yeah, fuck that guy. He’s basically just as bad as Bout, I’m sure, if he’s an actual CIA agent. When has the CIA ever done anything for Americans? They’re literally so retarded, all they really ever do is fuck us. Something happens, the CIA reacts, and we get fucking 9/11’d. There’s a crisis in some third world country, the CIA pulls a bay of pigs, and we have a full-scale nuclear emergency on our hands. It’s just fucking moronic. I don’t want the CIA asshole back, fuck him, he can rot in a Russian prison for all I care.