I know all you retarded crypto-bros out there want to pretend like there are sweeping conspiracies involving lunatics like John McAfee and Jeffrey Epstein. First and foremost, let me say that Jeffrey Epstein is not a subject I’ll weigh in on for this post. It’s far outside the scope of this post and involves more money and compromising situations than John McAfee, and it’s ultimately a far different story. Yes, Epstein was insane, but a different type of insanity than McAfee. It seems like John really wanted to be relevant after he had long jumped the shark, so grew from this void in his soul the pirate John who does mountains of blow and marries prostitutes.

Most of us have seen John McAfee’s infamous tweet.

Yeah, right. I’m sure it was AWESOME in that Spanish jail. McAfee knew that his legacy would’ve shifted heavily to “Dead old rapist” if he didn’t use some propaganda to stir it up and introduce doubt into his heinous crimes, and there are plenty of retards out there to gobble shit like this up. Boy they sure have, in droves. You can see examples of this all over twitter.

Alright, in case you missed the premise of the post, I’ll lay it out for you.

John McAfee is a rapist

You read that correctly. John McAfee drugged his subordinate and raped her while she was unconscious.

It’s absolutely a stain on his legacy and it happened. He committed this heinous act. People who idolize this man are idolizing a rapist, pure and simple.

McAfee wasn’t afraid of being extradited to face the IRS. Many have faced the IRS before, none have won, but none have died either. The man had next to nothing to his name, so I really doubt he feared the IRS when it came to extradition. He was afraid of the rape allegations, because he knew he was guilty, and he couldn’t do hard time at his age. So he fucking killed himself like the running coward he was. Period.

Entertaining anything else is simply a flight of fancy and unrealistic.