The shit we’re seeing happen right now is utterly wild. Mass “White Paper Protests” are sweeping through China in response to Xi’s “Zero COVID” lockdown policy. I started following a Chinese dissident on Mastodon and I’ve been tracking protest information through that account. It’s quite wild. It makes me wonder if this is the start of the end of Xi, or if he’s going to pull another Tiananmen Square. More innocent civilian bloodshed just because an old man clings to power, knowing he would be assassinated if he ever faltered. A totalitarian dictator deserving of the bullet of an assassin, Xi is not an elected official. He’s a dictator.

Russia is still trudging through Ukraine. It’s still anyone’s guess how it’ll shake out, but the US keeps sending this heavy artillery in aid to Ukraine. It’s just goddamn wild how much metal we’re sending these guys, and it’s no wonder they’re able to hold off the Russians. We push so much of our GDP toward military endeavors that we’re the strongest military presence on the planet. That’s not a bragging point, by the way, but evidence that we’re holding the world hostage with our ideals. No, I don’t think western ideals are universally applicable to every social sphere. I know there are fucking nutbag muslim extremists out there who fuck goats and get really angry if a woman shows her ankles. Goddamn lunatics. There are also Christian extremists in the United States marrying fucking thirteen year old girls to forty year old men in the name of Jesus. They’re literally no better than the goat-fucking lunatic muslims. It’s trash.

Well, I guess that’s all for this post. I did want to bang out some more, but I can’t really think of anything else.