First and foremost, fuck corporations. Fuck FAANG. Fuck billionaires, including Bezos and Musk. Fuck everyone who worships billionaires and corporations, too. You’re all subhuman bootlickers, with few to no exceptions. Pundits like Charlie Kirk and Brett Cooper are also subhuman trash, because they’re trying to “reign in” on free voices like mine, to drown us out and prevent us from letting you know that you too can be free. Fuck those animals. They’re garbage.

As the title suggests, I have no masters. I bow to no entity. I bend my knee to none. That said, I’m here to let you know that you’re probably a sheep headed to slaughter. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you’re making one fatal mistake- You’re letting trash heaps like that cunt Brett Cooper form ideas for you. This is unacceptable. You’re a result of an assault on the public school system launched by corporate interests, as well as spiritual psychopaths who are in bed with these corporations. That’s right, your religious leader is deeply embedded in the corrupt system you’re so invested in. That’s why he’s telling you who he’d vote for, even though it’s highly unethical, immoral, and before Trump was actually illegal.

So lets discuss something here and now. This group you’re a part of, your religion- I take many issues with it. It’s currently engaged in a protracted war with our species, and as far as I can tell these pigfuckers are winning. They don’t pay taxes. They rape children. They have had laws written that prevent victims from seeking damages against their rapists. For all intents and purposes, your religion is a violent street gang that’s essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You’re going to have to stop. Practice your spirituality independently. Stop giving these pigfuckers money. Stop going to church. Just fucking stop. It’s not benefiting you in any way, lies aren’t beneficial to anyone. It’s certainly not benefiting me. It’s absolutely destroying society and civilization as we know it. You’re just going to have to fucking cut the shit out, like yesterday.

What really bothers me about your religion is that the leadership will take your money, your donations, and fund busing people to polling locations with the express intent of electing leadership that will further their agenda. Trust me, their agenda is not your agenda. Your agenda, I surmise, would somehow benefit you. In reality, your religious leaders are simply taking the lifetime of brainwashing you’ve endured and weaponizing it against society. That’s all that’s happening right now. It needs to stop. We voters who are not brainwashed, we’re starting to fix it. We’re ensuring that we vote, even in midterms, solely to stop this bullshit. The evangelical right will not get away with its very egregious crimes against humanity, and our votes and participation are the only way to bail humanity out of this situation. That, and outreach. Get out while you still can. Get the fuck out. It’s toxic and horrible. Religion is trash. Get out while you still have some life left to live. Don’t die with regret.