It fascinates me to see Republican lawmakers tout how “gun bans don’t work” when in the same breath they’ll support any and every attempt at Iranian nuclear de-proliferation. So let’s get something straight, here, Ted Cruz; You’ll support nuclear de-proliferation in Iran but not de-proliferation of guns at home? Hmm, I wonder- why is that, Ted? It’s probably because Ted is bankrolled heavily by American arms manufacturers. Ted knows that bans on assault weapons work. Ted is fully aware that those laws are statistically significant, but he’ll fight them tooth and nail because his corporate masters will ensure he retires on piles of millions so long as he keeps them wealthy enough to do so.

Anyone who unironically believes that gun bans don’t work is functionally retarded. It’s just the truth. Gun bans are incredibly effective at curbing gun violence.

So, GOP, why do you treat nukes differently than guns? Guns have clearly killed more people.