Comcast fails me completely yet again. Go to connect to my home ssh server (as I always do) and get no response. So I check the Comcast app and see that, of course, Comcast is experiencing issues. Of course they are. Any time my shit is offline, it’s because of them, not because of me. I run commercial grade networking gear. They must be running the same bullshit they try to sell you when you sign up, because their shit is never working. Fucking assholes. Do I get any remuneration for these outages? Of course not, because I’ve been a customer for a long time. They know they’ve got my money, the greedy fucking pigs. Comcast has to be the worst internet provider I’ve ever had. The games they play with prices are worse than their customer support, too. What a shitty company. I wouldn’t even bother with these fuckers if it weren’t for the fact that they have a local monopoly where I live.

Dear Comcast: Fuck you. Fuck you so completely.