Blizzard Games Are Disappearing From China Thanks To ‘A Jerk’

Ashley Bardhan wastes our valuable time yet again with another bit of CCP propaganda, this time in the form of an appeal to every gamer in China to “not blame the communist party” for the unreasonable expectations put on tech firms by the communist party, enabled by companies such as “NetEase”, who is also involved in the debacle.

It’s ridiculous how the blame is immediately shifted onto Blizzard, despite the fact that there are serious problems with every business deal taking place in China. A number of people have pointed toward the enormous asks from NetEase as to the reason Blizzard is no longer willing to play ball with the world’s worst hermit kingdom. Fuck China, and absolutely fuck Kotaku. They’re an awful outlet for information, likely because their parent company “G/O Media” is owned by “Great Hill Partners” who also owns IGN and Ziff Davis. This private ownership is not at all transparent like a publicly traded company would be, which means it’s important to keep in mind that their positions on things is going to lean however they’re paid for it to lean. At least with publicly traded companies you can look at who has a majority stake and assume the voice of the publicly traded outfit mirrors that of the person who owns a majority of shares.

Fuck Kotaku. They’ve been soft on China’s oppressive regime from the start, probably because they’re nothing but a bunch of moronic weebs. Just fuck off with your CCP bullshit already, god.