In reality, the candidates you vote for give zero fucks about your existence. For all you know, they’re blissfully unaware that you even exist. The same can almost be said in reverse- You’re barely aware of who’s in office, because the guy in office is really just your average politician. He doesn’t really stand for anything. But he doesn’t constantly bring upon your home the threat of total nuclear annihilation, either. He’s just a lukewarm former lawyer trying to retire with a few million in his back pocket. You don’t bother him and he doesn’t bother you. It seems like a decent arrangement, right?

It’s clearly not the only option. You have another option coming in 2024. You can vote for a narcissistic business owner who has zero experience in politics or government aside from knowing “who to bribe” from time to time. He’s a moron. He’s racist. He gives zero fucks about anyone except for bumfuck rural America, and even that’s just for campaign ads. He doesn’t actually give a shit about bumfuck rural America, because not even the people living in bumfuck rural America care about their town life. They’re miserable, and it shows. They’re trying to vote the rest of the country into being miserable.

The awful Karens of the world, trying to shove their religion down your throat. They’re trying to enforce their belief system on you. They’re trying to keep sex education and evolution out of public schools. They’re trying to invalidate being gay, because their religion of goatfuckers says being gay is against it. Their primary religion is some bullshit Arab religion, but their second religion is money. They do completely worship at the altar of greed. Capitalism is their second declared religion, and they’ll use it to oppress you. They’ll tell you that if you give your entire life to their shitty businesses that they’ll keep you just barely alive, and if you make yourself extra useful maybe you can have something more than just the bare minimum.

I’m tired of Trumpers. I’m tired of their bullshit. I’m tired of the fact that they’re all the same shitty cookie cutter people, that none of them are unique, and they’re all cunts basically.

Blah. Oh well. My writing has really dropped off since I got a steam deck. Lmao.