In all reality, Republicans are class traitors. They’ve wilfully espoused that they support any and all benefit and gain for their betters, but not their peers. The crime of class betrayal should carry a heavy penalty. I might even propose death as a penalty for such crimes, because they’re truly detrimental to society.

We’ve been engaged in a protracted and long term class war, all of us. We’ve all been fighting in it. We wouldn’t be alive right now if we weren’t, we would’ve starved to death long ago. And that’s the nature of it completely. The have-nots versus the haves. The haves were always here, they’ve been around since the start. Since the first agrarian settlements, there have been people staking claims to things simply because they exist in their proximity. Motivated entirely by greed, these people have told us we’re their lesser for thousands of years. They’ve enlisted the help of desperate and broken people to protect them, and in return these “haves” would keep enforcers on the payroll. These enforcers would evolve to be police, lawyers, judges. They exist between the ultra-wealthy and the impoverished, because they ensure the impoverished never realize that they’re the majority. They suppress the majority. These evil tools of society.

It’s just unfortunate that we’ve been exposed to thousands of years of propaganda. “It’s wrong to take something that isn’t yours,” “The police are here to protect us,” or my favorite bullshit sandwich “Wealth trickles down from the richest to everyone else.” Holy fucking God, they have to put so much effort into propaganda because the moment they begin to slip, you end up seeing the Russian Revolution or the French Revolution- dead elite in the streets. It’s about that time again, too. I can smell the blood in the water. All the billionaires had best watch the fuck out.