Apparently Musk is going to try to make Twitter a “public utility” without the oversight or government regulation of a public utility, because he “believes so much in freedom of speech”. Sounds like a dog whistle for white supremacy and alt-right groups more than it does “public service”. For one, Musk doesn’t respect public services, because he’s one of those idiot libertarian types. Second, private companies can’t “protect freedom of speech”. At the end of the day they’re vehemently opposed to any speech that would curtail profits, because they’re fucking private corporations. How stupid does this asshat think we are? Jesus. I mean, I guess he assumes a lot of us are morons because he does seem to have a cult following of morons. I think that’d definitely sway someone’s opinion of themselves and humanity. I can see his moron ego inflating like so much furry inflation porn.

I don’t get the unabashed admiration for capitalism. It’s not perfect by any means. Truthfully it’s most analogous to evolution. It’s a bitter mistress that favors the strong and is merciless to the weak. Capitalism is quite similar in both cause and effect. It pretty much removes humanity from society. That’s just what it does.

Man, this is such a garbage post. Whatever. I got nothing these days. Blah.