Sometimes I wonder what went wrong when I was conceived. This “out of place”-ness, it doesn’t feel new or acquired. It doesn’t feel like I had to exist around people to experience it. I think there are very few places where I wouldn’t feel out of place. It’s difficult to quantify things that aren’t whole. It’s like a lingering sensation rather than a sure phenomenon.

I’m watching the drama with Kiwi Farms unfold, and I understand why people are angry. I get it completely. Kiwi Farms is an awful place where awful people gather to coordinate harassment campaigns against any individual they see fit for their attention. I get it. I just don’t agree with the means society is using to purge Kiwi Farms from the internet. Because Kiwi Farms has broken no laws, they’re using corporations and total lack of regulation to remove their voice entirely. Something that’s going to happen to you. It’s going to happen to me. We’re all going to have our voices removed, it’s simply a matter of attrition. Unless you’re just firing off useless videos of yourself dancing, you’re not going to be allowed to express your opinions on things. You’re probably thinking that I sound altogether too sure of myself and that there’s no way it could happen, but you’d be wrong. The thought police are coming for you. Right now they’re latching onto your current code of ethics and morals and they’re acting against individuals and groups you don’t agree with, but what are you going to do when it’s someone you know? Maybe your family member? Maybe you?

Mark my words: you’re going to regret going along with it when it was convenient to do so.