I feel like it’s going to be incredibly important for people to vote this November. We’re all going to have to participate in order to tell the government that we want more policy based on science. Right now we have far too many assholes in the GOP trying to stir up yet another sad “Satanic Panic” in order to rile up their base. It’s really pathetic to see in action, and usually the people supporting this shit the loudest are jackasses like David “Avocado” Wolfe. A man known for promoting quackery to treat all diseases up to and including cancer. I can’t stress enough how badly I want Wolfe to spend the rest of his days in prison for the shit he does. It’s parasitic. This garbage person is very closely associated with the right, and quite honestly I don’t get it, other than my existing understanding that con-men like to congregate, I guess. On the outset I suppose it makes sense for grifters to associate at least somewhat with one another.

Alright. It’s Monday and my work travel for the week has been cancelled on the day I’m supposed to be traveling. I can’t even tell you how goddamn happy and excited I am to be home with my family. This travel has been a huge pain in the dick. In any case, I just wanted to tell everyone to go out and vote for any and every candidate who doesn’t espouse “The Great Lie”. Go vote. Send Republicans running. DO IT. NOW. Okay, I know you can’t until November 8th. Still, don’t forget.