Are you absolutely livid that you can’t click on a link to a news story or article anymore without getting slapped in the face with some shitty paywall for a publisher you’re never going to give money? These assholes are already farming our data with tens of cookies and trackers, so it’s time for us to take our data back and tell them we’re going to get what we want and we’re not going to pay for it. And it’s totally legal, moral, and ethical.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to install a really handy browser extension called NoScript. Now, I personally like to run NoScript 100% of the time. I don’t want JavaScript running on my box without my consent, because it feels rapey. It really is rapey, considering the sheer amount of data these parasites can extract from your client without your knowledge or permission. Simply browsing to the website is considered “consent” to these intrusive practices, and it’s time we put our collective feet down and told them to get fucking bent.

Now, if you don’t want NoScript “ruining” your web experience while you shop on Amazon or whatever, you can totally configure it to simply prohibit JavaScript from being executed from known offenders like Washington Post or NY Times. Just compile a list of the publications you’ve been scammed by before and add them to your list of hosts to block JavaScript from. That way NoScript will sit quietly in the background and only spring into action when you’ve instructed it to. It’s insanely handy for a ton of things, not the least of which being bypassing shitty paywalls.

NoScript is, hands down, the best paywall bypass ever. It always works. It never fails me. Have fun.