Don’t judge me, god dammit. Okay, you can judge me a little. Alright, maybe you can judge me appropriately, but I can’t promise that I’ll care. I haven’t started caring yet, god dammit. I’m a walking anachronism. Now, don’t go assuming that because I’m a walking anachronism that I’m also a totally irredeemable cunt. That’s just not true, and quite frankly, I’m insulted that you’d even think such a thing. But I get it. A lot of people who “reminisce” about “the way things were” are really just throwing shade at how many rights minorities have gained in the last fifty years. That’s not the kind of anachronism I am. I’m the kind where I feel people shouldn’t be cunts, but also, I’m not ready to eat bugs or die on Mars for science. I feel as though the science of today should be vetted and worked through to inform the practices of tomorrow, rather than people ever-mindlessly latching onto the latest fad because a small scale study hinted at something but could never be confirmed by large scale studies. Miss me with that shit, dog. I like my science to be well-vetted and long-standing.

Great, another nothing burger of a post. I knew it’d happen. I didn’t do anything to move toward learning something new over the weekend or trying something new. I didn’t do shit. I wound up in the same place I always do- being too physically and emotionally exhausted to do anything and simply laying around like a lump. Now I’m waiting for the axe to drop for today’s bullshit salad. My company is having an event today, so I get to wear slacks and a tie. And by “get to”, I mean “didn’t have much of a choice”. I am utterly annoyed by the monkey suit. I hate this shit.

Well, at least I arrived early as hell, which means I get to leave work early as hell. That’ll be important when it comes time for the main event, which I’m sure is scheduled for right around when I plan to leave the office.

Wish me luck. I’m already off to a horrible start.