I know it’s not therapeutic for everyone, but I think it can be for nearly everyone, as it just takes practice over time. Though I get it. If you don’t “take to it immediately” it can be a bit disparaging to make multiple attempts at something purportedly therapeutic but doesn’t actually give you any benefit. If I’m being honest, I definitely fell into that camp. School forced me to journal multiple years. It was almost wholly painful, until it wasn’t.

Spatial reasoning. I’ve seen a number of studies that indicate it’s linked to intelligence. That’s right, Tetris made children smarter in the 90’s. Kids today are benefitting tremendously from Minecraft. It’s kind of neat. It makes me wonder what kinds of discoveries we’ll be making after generations of kids are exposed to virtual reality.

I really am all over the place. Cripes. I’ve been incredibly busy lately, but the things I’ve been busied with aren’t super fulfilling. I need to figure out what I want for “personal time”, then split that evenly between doing something challenging or fulfilling, and then something mindless like video games.

I really need to ramp up on getting some of my opinions off my chest, because there’s just so much wrong that needs addressing. Like, seriously, people. I can’t leave you fuckers alone for even a minute, let alone just cut myself off from society completely. No, I’m not going to engage with you on your shitty corporate platform like FaceFuck or Twatter. Screw that stupid bullshit, I’m going to say what I mean to say and if my lack of filter hurts your fee-fees you can click the “X” in the top right, bitch. Go ahead, be assmad that I exist. It’s your own life you’re shortening, not mine.

Well, anyways, I guess this is technically a post.