It’s cold outside again. Especially here in the rust belt, where the weather is dumb as shit. Man, I’m really just goddamned exhausted. Does this capitalism thing ever slow the fuck down? I’m feeling pretty tired. I think it’s time for it to slow the fuck down.

I’m glad that I have this space to throw down anything I feel like saying. I’m grateful that I’ve eked out such a space for myself.

Work is currently really weird. It looks, on the surface, like we’re slowing down. However, it could also be that we’re not entertaining as many “little fish” as we were previously, too. It’s my understanding that the work we do never slows down, that it’s always a distinct component to any economy, thriving or failing. I guess our segment was still working overtime in 2008. We’re a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” group. If you invest heavily in our projects, you’re going to sell less product (that fails inspection). If you don’t invest heavily in our projects, you’re going to sell less product (because the customer is going to stop buying your shit quality product). The only way around us is to invest in your production equipment significantly. No one ever does this, though.

I feel like I’m rambling and incoherent at this point. To be honest, the coherence is the only part I miss. I’ve been rambling for years, fucking ADHD. I think I need a new project to keep my mind flexible. I think my brain is rotting right out of my skull.

I’ve been playing a lot of Legend of Mana and Dragon Quest XI lately. Wildly different but excellent RPG’s from Square Enix. I also hear they’ve low-key released another RPG that might be worth looking into. DioField Chronicles, I think is the name? I watched a short trailer-esque video of gameplay and it pretty well looks up my alley.

I’ve been home last week. It’s been really nice. I hope I can keep this going for a minute. I know it’s not permanent, but goddamn. I’ve been on the road since February. That’s a hell of a haul.

Alright, I’m sorry, this scattered garbage is what you get for a ping. Blegh.