I keep thinking about Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons, and how it sets us back fifty years. This fascist moron seriously thinks clinging desperately to power is a good strategy, which I guess makes sense for a former KGB agent. God knows the intelligence community is batshit insane. It doesn’t matter if they’re CIA, NSA, MI-6, KGB, everyone in the intelligence community is a fucking psychopath. It’s a requirement for service, in case you didn’t know.

I also wonder how much of the media representation of the Ukraine conflict is “wag the dog” style propaganda. I guess, in truth, it’s all propaganda. It’s just going to depend on where you look, which propaganda you get. If you read Russian state media you’re going to think they’re somehow justified in attacking randomly this sovereign nation. I’m sorry, but there are no justifications for attacking sovereign nations, and that’s why China and India are watching the Ukraine conflict really closely. They’re two fascist and abusive world powers that are eyeing sovereign nations so that they too can attack. China is a shit country, and Taiwan deserves better administration than the god awful communist trash Chinese government. China just wants Taiwan because they’re too fucking stupid to do semiconductor fab in any meaningful way.

Still, regardless of the media blitz, attacking a nation with intent to annex them is fucking bullshit. It is impossible to create a good reason to annex another country, period. If they’re doing really bad shit like genocide, sure- attack, help people. But no one annexed Germany after world war two. That’s just my point. Putin has zero justification for what he’s doing. He’s just being a greedy vodka-soaked commie douche. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand. I don’t buy into propaganda, but there are facts in all propaganda, and the fact is that Ukraine is being attacked in order to be annexed by Russia. Now, if you start trying to justify that, it’s a reasonable litmus to determine that you are, in fact, a moron. There aren’t any justifications. Russia is wrong, Putin is wrong, and Putin deserves the economic pressure he’s under for this. He deserves the sanctions and to have his power questioned by his own people, and he deserves the war crime tribunal in his future.

China is close to attacking Taiwan. The US has to know this, which would make sense as to why they’re trying to move all critical semiconductor fab into the US. That push is incredibly costly, and the only sensible reason for it is the knowledge that Taiwan’s proximity to China puts it in danger. Xi Jinping is a garbage fascist just like Putin, and he’s going to go for it now that he’s buddying up with Putin. We’re literally seeing the groundwork laid for world war three. Russia, India, and China, are all likely to join forces to form the axis of evil. Street-shitting, communist, wet-market, absolute garbage. Narendra Modi isn’t much better than Putin or Jinping.

I think the scariest part of all this is the possibility of those three nations joining forces. They’re all nuclear powers and they outnumber us heavily. Yes, two of them are pretty poor compared to the US, and realistically the people in all of those countries are all poor and living far below American standards of living. Still, I don’t know how that will affect the outcome of any war.

As an aside, people are watching the stock market really closely. I think after so many depressions and recessions, though, we’ve woven an investment scheme that isn’t going to crumple as quickly as previous iterations. I honestly think that we have a while to go before the market absolutely collapses. Right now we’re just seeing the hiccups before the actual disaster. It doesn’t bother me. I’ll still be working. My quality of life won’t go down all that much.

Anyways, I can’t really think of anything else to write at the moment. It’s nice to have this outlet, but sometimes it can be a challenge to actually populate it.