I feel so oblivious right now. I’ve been feeling the strain from all the business travel I’ve been doing for the year, but I guess I’ve only been feeling without realizing just how insane it’s been. Point in fact, I’ve been going hard since February, apparently. I only know this because I went back and checked records. But my work travel has been much higher than it’s ever supposed to have been. I feel the physical and emotional exhaustion from it, but the actual realization didn’t actually sink in until I had the data in front of me.

What a pain.

I miss my kids. I miss my future wife. I miss being home. Things have been so hard with all of this work travel. But something like 50% or more of the weeks I’ve worked since February have been travel. If you count since May, the amount of travel spikes significantly. It’s been a serious burden.

Anyways, I guess this is about as much as I’ll bitch about that for the moment.