This pretty well sums up how the CIA has pretty much dictated Hollywood portrayals of police and the legal system since they first began this endeavor with “Mockingbird”. All cops are bastards. I say that decisively and without hesitation, because it’s true. People who want to be cops are bastards, so how could the police force avoid being infiltrated by bastards? Now, I can’t claim that the law enforcement situation is the same in every country, it absolutely isn’t. I’m sure there are quite a few countries out there who don’t give their police force unchecked powers to leverage against the entire population as they see fit. On the contrary, it seems like most countries recognize that systems of checks and balances are incredibly important in maintaining order. The US has just always had an ass backward half-ass method of trying to attempt things, the result is never as good as what other countries produce.

Watch the video above. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you weren’t previously disappointed by police, then you might end up disappointed.