It really does seem that way sometimes. I get the impression from many people that I conduct myself offensively, and I think to a large degree they’re mostly correct. I do eschew some societal standards for either the sake of brevity or just laziness. I don’t have a twitter or facebook account. I don’t have many, if any, social media accounts. This is as social as I get, and honestly I hope to keep this away from most people I encounter on a daily basis. It’s not for them to know the things in my head, save for whomever I allow in. I suppose I have a keen appreciation for privacy that not everyone was born equipped with. I honestly don’t think it was something I innately went to, either. It was more self defense for the unease of earning parental reproach. I was always afraid of miscalculated steps, doing something incorrectly, saying something incorrectly, being judged for things that I enjoy. My mom never really allowed me to put a healthy boundary between her and I, any boundary laid out was frequently breached and it would always feel horrible. In that environment I think I developed a deep appreciation for being able to have a private life that’s apart and away from anything and everything I participate in publicly. In fact, my fondness of privacy is the reason I’ll always blog here with only a pseudonym. I’ll never attach my lamename to this place, not fully. I know that each and every post on this blog has the potential to offend someone, it’s just a matter of whom and over what that determines whether it’s worth my reversing course to apologize.

If you’ve read this for any length of time, you’ll notice that my apologies aren’t frequent. I did issue an apology to Barrett Brown, because he by far was not as awful as I had made him out to be.

Well, I think I’ll pick this up again later from another device, when I’m able.

To be continued…