Man, we’ve been watching this series called “Sister Wives” where these goofy ass motherfuckers go out in the world seeking extra partners when they’re already paired up. It’s a whole ass thing, man. Like, seriously. You’ve got this creepy serial-killer looking motherfucker, “Garrick Merrifield”, acting the part completely. He’s a total manipulative narcissist, controlling his wife Danielle and seemingly brainwashing her across like three seasons. But what creeps me out is that she seems to carve herself a spot in the fucked up triad that inevitably ends up toxic and awful. It’s just fucking wild, man. He keeps saying shit like “God has a plan and this must be part of it”. It’s ultra fucking creepy and cultish. He keeps saying that shit through nearly every episode of every season. The funniest thing is, he’s clearly just a pussy-fiend. It has absolutely fuck all to do with “God” and everything to do with him thinking with his dick. That’s all he ever does in any episode. He thinks with his dick and then when everything explodes just shrugs and says “Must be God’s will”. Like, no, motherfucker. Take some fucking responsibility for the fucked up shit you do and quit dragging invisible space wizards into it. He’s a sick fuck.

Most of the “extended couples” in seeking sister wife are really fucked up, but there are a few that actually seem to make the whole thing work for them. It’s weird to think about from the perspective of someone who couldn’t do it, but it’s interesting that it at least has some healthy representation. Not perfect, mind you, but at least fucking healthy. They don’t drag any “God” into it in a creepy pedo way like Garrick does, but they just admit that their love lives are better paced when there are multiple wives, for whatever reason. I guess it works for them.

Then you’ve got 90 day fiance. I don’t remember much of that from tonight. Just because stoned. But I had to pound this post out for whatever reason. Anyways. Later, gator.