If you haven’t seen the latest news, it looks like Donald Trump is in a bit of hot water with treating national secrets like they’re his own fucking personal playground. The absolute nerve of this rich piece of shit. What a fucking twat of a human being. He treated the executive office like a goddamn urinal. Him and his few pals, Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the crime syndicate, just shitting on the oath of office and every goddamn oath each had taken. What absolute garbage human beings. I fucking despise privileged little pieces of shit like Donald Trump, never knowing in his 70-odd years of existence what it’s fucking like to actually work hard. God damn, and this asshole is going to tell me that taxing people like him fairly will make them “go away” and everyone will be poor and starving with no billionaires to drop crumbs for them to eat. Fuck you. Fuck you so fucking much for saying such stupid fucking bullshit. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. No one worth a damn buys that bullshit.

I honestly think what’s most terrifying is that these MAGA supporters don’t care what sort of corrupt or fascist bullshit Trump gets up to, they just care that he tells them things they want to hear. “Oh, don’t worry, you’re not racist, it’s all the fault of the extreme left.” Apparently that’s the magic phrase to get a bunch of dumb assholes to take a bullet for you. Tell a redneck that he can religiously hate the gays all he wants and “that’s OK”, and you’ll get the permanent devotion and adulation of any redneck. It’s just asinine how easy it is to feed these fuckers what they want and tell them they still get to play a role in society being fucking awful trash. Sorry, that’s just not how society is, not how any society works, and we’re going to shut you the fuck down every time. Go ahead, run away to fucking Gab, Parler, Truth Social, and the rest of the trash piles that nobody actually uses. Continue alienating your friends and family, you fucking worthless pieces of trash, go ahead. We’re the ones that can play nice with the black community, the gay community, and pretty much everyone who will play nice with us. You’re the fucking rejects. You’re garbage, and we’re done with you, so we’re going to drop you on the curb for removal. I’m fucking sick of it. You won’t get any civil war, you won’t get any joy at all. You don’t get to publicly spew and incite hatred toward anyone, that’s not acceptable anymore.

I’m just absolutely astounded that these assholes think this is alright and that they’re going to come out the victors on this. Absolutely asinine.