If you ever decide to “improve” your lawn and sign up to Trugreen Chemlawn Complete you can pretty much count on this being the result after four months:

Just look at that beautiful series of images. Man, they really demonstrated the “Tailored Solutions” and “Science-Driven Expertise”, don’t you think? But they’ll take you for thousands of dollars to do nothing. The proof is in the images. They come out seemingly all the time and yet nothing improves. The weeds stay as thick and huge as they are. The bald spots are unchanging. It’s easily just the worst lawn service you can sign up for, you’re literally better off doing it yourself and saving a ton of cash. These jackasses are useless. Trugreen Chemlawn is basically just a trash can for you to throw $1,500 into. What a scam.

Comment below if you’ve had shitty experiences with Trugreen!

EDIT: It looks like the majority of Trugreen customers do not have good experiences. Damn. I guess they’re just terrible.