Man, I love this blog setup. I love git. I love MacOS. It feels weird to say that, but I really do enjoy the Mach underpinnings and Unix environment, combined with an easy and native feeling GUI. I don’t know why, but window managers on Linux just don’t feel native. I’m not sure if that’s just a mind trick from how much choice is out there or what, but I think a lot of it stems from how wildly different each toolkit is from any other. For instance, if you’re running a Gnome desktop and you try to run KDE/Qt apps. It’s not as bad now as it used to be, you can get reasonable approximations to suit. But it used to be really bad.

Being able to sync all development across multiple computers is awesome. Having an audit trail of every change and being able to revert any and all changes is goddamned amazing. Git is just great stuff overall. I love it. I need to learn more about it and I need to learn more programming languages so I can actually put git to more pertinent use. It’s just great stuff overall.

I also really love Hugo. It was written in “Go” and it’s super fast. Well, it’s super fast on my Mac Mini and Macbook Pro. The shitty Win10 daily driver doesn’t work so great, but I think it’s because of a virus scanner I can’t disable. It’s stupid, really. In general, though, my blog is generated in like 80 milliseconds. It’s great. The audit trail makes fixing the Hugo stuff super easy, as well. I can do diffs when I need to, I can get it done and make it look good. I think the next thing will be getting it to pass the W3 HTML validator. It currently does not pass. I want to get it down to “warnings only”, because W3 has not intelligently structured the spec to encompass more document types than your standard “man page”, which is kinda fucking weird.

I’ve been wanting to jump into taking on a project lately, but I also have more pressing things to do that I’ve sort of put on the back burner. Well, I guess this will suffice as a post for the day. Ha.