I’ve been biting my tongue and refraining from commenting for long enough, but it’s spilling over and I can’t hold it back any longer. I need to comment on the rift between Democrats and Republicans, and I need to write as objectively as possible. Don’t think for a second, though, that my intent to write objectively prevents me from taking sides. That is not the case, as there is massive wrongdoing here. Not subjective, we’re talking objective wrongdoing. Here goes.

Jesus isn’t real

That’s right, Jesus isn’t real. He’s not a thing. He has no place in my government. He is not my concern. You Republicans want Jesus in all the US laws, though, and for that I’m going to punch you in the fucking throat. You keep touting “In God We Trust”, that doesn’t make us a Christian nation. It wasn’t written into the constitution, and in fact the constitution PLAINLY OUTLINES that there is no “official religion” of the United States of America. Yes, that’s what it means, no matter how much you wish that was not what it meant. You’re fucking cancer, you’re living, breathing, walking cancer, and you need to shut the fuck up and just lay down and die so subsequent generations can create actual progress in this country.

We don’t give a shit about your guns

Yeah, you can shove your guns up your ass. You always bitch and complain about “Tyranny of government” and yet, are you free? You’re not fucking free, you’re tethered to a device THAT GIVES YOUR LOCATION TO POLICE UNCONSTITUTIONALLY WITHOUT A WARRANT. So where are your guns? Sitting unused in your safe? You’re damn fucking right they are you big useless pussy. I hope automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned entirely. You really think things are going to get worse than they are? You’re so fucking stupid you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

Defunding welfare instead of defunding police

First of all, social safety nets are a requirement of capitalism, because capitalism has zero provisions for keeping the disabled alive. So it’s not even an option to defund it. God, you people, all you Republicans, are fucking morons. Every last one.

My ire extends across the aisle

Democrats: You also are not doing so hot, and you feel like you’re “right”, which makes it exponentially worse. First, you’re supporting corporations championing social causes. Do you know how stupid this is? BMW makes their AMERICAN TWITTER LOGO a rainbow for a month and suddenly their support of the National Socialist Party in 1939 Germany is forgiven! Oh, but that was nearly seventy years ago, surely they’ve changed! Except people can still be fired for being gay all across the globe, and not just in every country but the United States. It especially still happens in the United States. Corporations have NO BUSINESS taking any side in social causes, it is the duty of the government to regulate corporations and ensure that rights are not being violated. Trusting corporations, whose only motivation is profit, will never have a good outcome. Stupidity, pure stupidity. We can’t trust the government either, but we don’t have to trust the government, do we? We can just fucking vote. That’s why we employ the government, because we can change it to suit our needs. I’m so fucking sick of corporations getting involved in arenas they have no business in, and I’m honestly just sick of corporations in general. They’re motivated only by profit. Do we really have some sort of delusion that this can benefit us in any way?

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Just nuke the world already, it’s too fucking stupid. I can’t even handle it anymore.