This song seems to be old as fuck, but it sure is a mood. A whole ass mood. I’ve been stuck on it for the last week or two. I can’t get it out of my head. Normally the songs that get stuck in my head strike me as being garbage, because they’re just perpetuating due to their tendency to get stuck in your head. I think this song is a damn decent song, but jesus- It’s infectious.

God dammit. I just noticed that my primary raspberry pi is down. It’s not responding on port 22. Pain in the ass. I even configured the watchdog timer. It might mean there’s no power at the house, which I suppose as I write this I could verify. Nope. Nest hub max is telling me that electricity and network connectivity are all aces. Giant. Fucking. Sigh. Hopefully it’s not another dead SD card. Though, I guess, if it is just a dead SD card that’s really a relief.

It’s so weird that it keeps happening. It must be a testament to how shoddy SD memory is. I’ve heard it’s bad, but jesus. Oh god dammit. It looks like a block has been instituted. Lovely. I can connect just fine from my personal phone, but my laptop is no bueno. Eugh. Fucking WSL again. I love WSL, but when it breaks, it breaks completely. Goddamn. Not the first time, either.

Anyways, enjoy the video. I’m gonna try to dig up the mp3 so I don’t have to link to shittube.